Dynamo Electric Services

Dynamo Electric is your responsive and accomplished partner for the design and provision of electrical services and control systems for commercial, agricultural and large scale greenhouse applications.

Dynamo Electric Commercial Services


The Dynamo Electric team brings a wealth of working experience and expert insight in commercial applications and industrial settings to every project plan.

Dynamo Electric Agricultural Services


Located in Central Alberta, Dynamo Electric has earned a reputation for being the supplier of choice for electrical service and control systems for the agriculture industry.

Dynamo Electric Greenhouse Services


Dynamo Electric advises, plans and institutes electrical services and controls systems for new commercial greenhouse construction and expansions.

Dynamo Electric Priva Services

Control Systems

We know what it takes to grow the best possible crop. That’s why Dynamo Electric became a licensed dealer of PRIVA control systems.

Farm and Windmill

Renewable Energy

We provide innovative Product Solutions for systems ranging from small ‘off-grid’ to utility-scale towers that contributes to a lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.