Doef’s Keeps on Growing!

Doef’s Greenhouses were growing peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and eggplant on 11 acres under glass until this 13-acre expansion entered production early in 2021. It’s the first of four 13-acre expansion phases planned for Doef’s in the coming years.

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Lacombe, Alberta

Doef’s operates a state of the art 37-acre greenhouse about 6 miles west of Lacombe, Alberta – on the south east side of Gull Lake.

Doef's Greenhouse 2021 Expansion


A 13 acre pepper greenhouse expansion to the facility built in 2020 involving climate control and electrical of vents, curtains, fans, and other greenhouse loads. Communication of control systems and WIFI was also needed. And, yes, supply chains were a challenge.


We pre-ordered and carried a lot of the electrical materials so we could ensure availability. Prudent planning helped us complete the project on time. We supplied fibre optic cable and splicing, and commissioning was carried out by Dynamo Electric, ultimately favouring the overall budget, as we did not need to contract specialty technicians from Ontario.

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Doefs Greenhouses
Doefs Greenhouses