Lighting up Doef's Greenhouses

The Doef Family Greenhouse operation has been providing local produce for Albertans for fifty years. It is uniquely Albertan in that much of the fuel harnessed to power the greenhouses is natural gas sourced from subsurface reservoirs immediately below and surrounding the Doef’s greenhouses, enabling the provision of fresh produce of the highest quality year-round.

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Lacombe, Alberta

Doef’s operates a state of the art 37-acre greenhouse about 6 miles west of Lacombe, Alberta – on the south east side of Gull Lake.

Doef's Greenhouse 2020 Expansion


A new facility was started with a 13 acre pepper greenhouse, irrigation building and packing facility. This involved climate control and electrical of vents, curtains, fans, and other greenhouse loads. Communication of control systems and WIFI and security cameras were also needed. Supply chains were a challenge during this time.


We supplied and installed electrical power and control systems for the greenhouse, irrigation area, boiler, and packing facility. We built custom control panels in house for better cost and space efficiency. Security cameras, WIFI and IT infrastructure were coordinated and provided. We were on site for commissioning and provide continuing support.

Dynamo Electric Project Doef's Greenhouses
Dynamo Electric Project Doef's Greenhouses
Dynamo Electric Project Doef's Greenhouses