Lighting up Big Marble Farms for Major Growth!

In designing the servicing layout for the Big Marble Farms greenhouse lighting install, Dynamo Electricensured the most efficient use of space and capital. Key to that approach were custom lighting control panels optimized for the application and setting.

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Medicine Hat, Alberta

With a size of over 1.5 million square feet, Big Marble Farms is the largest greenhouse in Alberta. It’s home to over 300,000 cucumber plants, 60,000 tomato vines and 17,400 grow lights that add to the warm, sunny glow of their farm. 


Big Marble Farms 2020 Expansion


The Big Marble facility expanded in 2020. This involved Priva climate control, growing light power and control and co-generation power and control. We supplied transformers, distribution panels, climate control panels, a generator control panel and lighting panels.


Dynamo Electric supplied high voltage connecting cable and materials for generators and distribution. Lighting panels were supplied as a cost effective and reliable way to switch lights and facilitate load control for the generators. We developed a custom program to manage the demands on the generators. We were on site for commissioning and provide continuing support.

Dynamo Electric Project Big Marble Farms
Dynamo Electric Project Big Marble Farms
Dynamo Electric Project Big Marble Farms